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Tall Grasses '22 | T-Shirt

Tall Grasses '22 | T-Shirt

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The prairies of Illinois are mostly fields now. The woods are mostly fields too. But if you look closely on the sides of the man-made ditches and in the discarded fields of tired farmers you'll see the ancestors of the magnificent tall grasses of the wild prairie. Their roots run deep and their stalks are tall. 

Remember these tall grasses for their heroism. They are the first line of defense against erosion and the sweeping away of the beautiful black soil underneath. You'll find more than just stark beauty when you walk through the small tracts fo preserved Tall Grasses still remaining. There, you'll find the great spirit of this land we call the Midwest.


Printed by hand in central Illinois

Designed by Nick Rynerson, using public domain 19th century botanical drawings and other custom assets

100% Cotton Comfort Colors T-Shirt - 6.1oz Weight

Only a Limited Number Available

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