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Carl's Prairie | Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Carl's Prairie | Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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 The expansive, magical prairies found a prophet and defender in Carl Sandburg. Born and raised in the heart of flat, Illinois prairie, Carl Sandburg's work brings out the sublime beauty of the people and landscapes us midwesterners take for granted. He showed us the soul of the Chicago worker and mythologized the great Prairie Lawyer who united the Nation. He walked through the tall grasses and loafed in the small town squares. He was no Titan, just one of us. 

This shirt features a selection from his prairie-loving poem "Cornhuskers". 


Printed by hand in central Illinois

Designed by Nick Rynerson, using public domain content and other custom designed assets

100% Cotton Comfort Colors Long Sleeve T-Shirt - 6.1oz Weight

Only a Limited Number Available

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